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Operating WP2Z at St. Croix in the 2000 CQWW-CW

This page is still under construction. I have a bunch of photos to scan of the various dxpeditions.


I got my Novice license, WN5OOB, in 1966 at age 13. Upgraded to General and became WA5OOB later in the year. Got my Extra in '78 and changed my callsign to WD5N in '86. I've had a few inactive periods but always come back to it.  Most of my operating the last few years has been once or twice a year on a contest dxpedition. I have a new C4SXL waiting to go up if I ever get a decent tower erected here in Leander. Right now I have a KT34 on a small crank up. Some day...


 Dxpedition photos and stories from WD5N

----Galapagos - 1993 - Full story here with more photos to come.

----South Pacific (French Polynesia and South Cook Isle) 1994 - Full story here w/ photos to come.

----Sugar Lake, Mexico - photos to come

----St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands - photos here, plus more to come.

----Turks & Caicos, British West Indies - photos to come.


List of my Dxpeditions since 1990 with results.


Adventures in DX-ing - some of the highlights of my DX chasing.



Click the small photos below to see the full size image.

.WA5OOB in 1971

.Always wanted a Collins S-Line. Finally got it in the early 80's and it was cool but didn't use it much after I got a TS-940.

.This Cushcraft A4 tribander followed my first tribander, a TA33-jr, on a 50' tower. Cushcraft 6M beam on top. Worked all my DX with those antennas.

.This is what the station usually looked like.


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