Mom - you are the most giving, selfless, compassionate woman on the face of the earth, as I know everyone in this room will attest to. Your support and love for Paula was always unconditional and neverending. The more difficult it became for Paula, the more you opened your heart and home to her. You were always there for her, Mom, and you have to know how much she appreciated and loved you. These words are for you, Mom - from Paula.

To the Mother Every Daughter Hopes For

You are my cushion when I fall.

Your love is unconditional.

You made our house a happy place to be.

You love me more than anyone.

I trust never lie.

Even when you are angry, your eyes still say they love me.

Your warmth and love make me grow...every day.

You always forgive me.

Whenever I need you, you're always there.

If I could, I would give you anything in the whole world. Love, Paula

We'll all miss you, Paula - the person you used to be - but we have comfort in knowing you're at peace in a better place and that we now have another guardian angel watching over us. Oh - and say hi to Daddy for us.

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